Bohemian Trio

Genre-Defying Saxophone + Cello + Piano


PHOTO: Laura Razzano


“Together, these musicians honor heritages that blur more than reinforce borders: the blend of European and African traditions that centuries ago amounted to a New World; and the sweet spot sought by many contemporary composers, especially in New York, grounded more in creativity than genre.” 

Larry Blumenfeld, Wall Street Journal



“This chamberlike improvising trio specializes in music of traditional Latin American origin, though its methods are cosmopolitan.”

The New York Times


“Alonso and Terry, Cuban-born and trained, and the French-American Dharamraj are paving a new course, one that wholly relies on their refined abilities while embracing that dangerous, edgy quality one finds in complex jazz and lots of contemporary classical music."

Adam Parker, The Post and Courier


PHOTO: Manuel Valera

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